Timothy David Frandson: 8/19/86–2/19/21

February 19, 2021: four days after my third child was born. This was a day at home, with our new addition to the family, spent relaxing and writing a blog post about his birth and the courage of his mother. Unfortunately, February 19, 2021, turned out to be the most tragic day of my lifetime… my friend, Tim passed away on the 19th and I just couldn’t comprehend at the time how much this would impact so many people. His family, friends, teachers, acquaintances, and many more people were overwhelmed by this tragic loss.

To be honest, there was a tiny thought in my head telling me not to worry about writing a birth blog post for our newborn son, Townes, but that wouldn’t be fair to him at all. Ultimately, I think he may enjoy looking back on this story someday, and for that reason alone, it is worth writing.

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There has never been a more bizarre time to be alive in my lifetime; not even close! Every day is another 24 hours of polarizing opinions on social media, the news, and virtually any other type of media that exists. A lot of times I see people being downright hateful to one another over their views on social issues, masks, and much more. I know, from experience that the negativity takes its toll on a person trying to navigate these tumultuous times, while also working hard to make the best decisions for the safety of many, including my own family…

I am very excited to be writing this little excerpt right now! Cooper and Colton have put in the work for years, not complaining, no questions asked, just simply gritting their teeth and trusting the process. The process of becoming an effective wrestler can be grueling, uncomfortable, and even uncompromising at times; but it makes me smile as I write this knowing that these two left it all out on the mat and the results came… just like we preach to every kid.

Cooper, the 2019 state champ, is the epitome of deserving, but we all know that you “deserve…

Seth Cupp… man, are there words that I can use to describe this kid? I honestly do not think a short description could do Seth justice; so I’ll try to write something brief to explain this guy the best way I know how.

Seth is not the most athletic or physically strong guy that I have coached, but he does work hard and has created a wrestling style that creates fits for his opponents. He does some things during matches that, as a coach, I would never want anyone on our team to replicate… ever. …

He’s also my little brother by about 5 and a half years, to be exact. That was enough time to make our lives drastically different in our earlier years and such, but also we’re close enough in age that our friendship has flourished over the years. Is our beloved Marceline Wrestling program in good hands? Yes. I know I’m biased, but I also know that my brother will pour his heart and soul into these kids. He’s young and willing to put in the labor needed in order to have a successful wrestling program.

My brother is a thinker; the…

Photo Credit: Martin M. Cupp Photography

If you’re from around these parts then I’d guess that you heard about the Bell Game last week. You probably heard Marceline won and that all nine of our points were scored on field goals made by Cullen Bruner A.K.A. — Brucey. The entire team had to perform in order to put him into position to make those kicks, but let's face it, not many class one football teams have a field goal kicker, let alone one that is any good. Having Cullen kicking field goals simply gives Marceline an advantage most teams do not have.

Why is Cullen successful…

What I say “goodbye” to every morning and what I am so grateful for

My Early Morning Routine (bare with me here):

5:50–6:40 a.m. — My alarm goes off and I get up, go make coffee and my lunch for the day. I shower, change, and essentially just go through the same routine most of us lag through on a daily basis. (Who cares, right??)

The following two steps of my morning routine have helped me make positive changes to my daily life.

Approximately 6:40 a.m. — I go back into our bedroom and I kiss my daughter, son, and wife “goodbye” then always take one long look at the three of them sleeping…

Photo by Taylor Nicole on Unsplash

Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great leaders who have helped motivate and mold people into great human beings. There are many effective leadership styles out there, but I do believe that in order to be a great leader, a person must possess certain traits. Being in a leadership role involves a lot of responsibility and at times there are high-stress situations, and in those times, the best leaders tend to thrive.

7 Traits of Great Leaders

They Are Great Listeners

Great leaders listen well and make sure they have a full understanding of the situation before they add any…

Saint Patrick’s Day is typically a day in which people go out, party, and celebrate, right? For me, it was going to be a day full of watching NCAA wrestling while relaxing and anticipating the nearing birth of our daughter. What it wound up being was a day I will always remember that lead into a morning that I will never forget.

It all began whenever Skylar texted me and told me she was having contractions while I was watching NCAA wrestling with friends. She came home later and let me know that the contractions were not very intense yet…

Zach Bruner

I am a passionate about being a dad, husband, and educator.

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