Actions Speak Louder Than Words: An Interview with Cooper and Colton Fisher

I am very excited to be writing this little excerpt right now! Cooper and Colton have put in the work for years, not complaining, no questions asked, just simply gritting their teeth and trusting the process. The process of becoming an effective wrestler can be grueling, uncomfortable, and even uncompromising at times; but it makes me smile as I write this knowing that these two left it all out on the mat and the results came… just like we preach to every kid.

Cooper, the 2019 state champ, is the epitome of deserving, but we all know that you “deserve what you earn.” I can say definitively that Cooper earned it in every which way possible. He changed his mindset and knew he was the best guy. We told him that over and over, but he actually believed and that makes a HUGE difference.

Colton, the 2019 state runner-up, stayed the course, and never let anyone change his wrestling identity; and by the time it was all said and done, pretty much no one could stop his front headlock — go-behind/brands. He put in the work and with an unwavering amount of fight, he earned his highest accolade this year.

I could write about these two forever, but I’ll let them speak for themselves. All I can say with certainty is that we are going to miss these guys and their “action speaks louder than words” mentality.

Cooper Fisher: Being dedicated to the sport and having discipline.

Colton Fisher: My dedication and desire to win.

Cooper: My coaches for pushing me, my family for supporting me, and my teammates for making me a better wrestler.

Colton: My coaches, my teammates and most importantly my parents for the countless hours and money they have spent supporting me.

Cooper: Wrestling is one of the few sports where your success depends mainly on yourself. Also, unlike other sports, you have to focus on wrestling even after practice each day, you don’t get to go home and just forget about wrestling, you still have to manage your weight. No other sport gives you the feeling that wrestling does when you win. You know it was all because of you, not because you were carried by your teammates, and to me, that’s why wrestling is special.

Colton: Wrestling is one of the toughest sports out there. Not everybody is capable of being a wrestler. It’s not easy. So for me, it’s having success in such a difficult sport that makes it special to me.

Cooper: Just trusting my abilities as a wrestler and believing in myself. My mindset was a lot better this year compared to previous years.

Colton: I worked harder this year than ever before. I wanted to make my last year the best year.

Colton: This year, I just felt more confident and motivated to succeed. I knew that it was my last chance to get a state medal. I didn’t want to walk away without my name on the wrestling room wall. I remembered what it felt like to lose in the quarterfinals the last 2 years and I wasn’t going to lose again. Then in the semifinals, I knew I was the better wrestler, so I went out and proved it.

Cooper: Definitely, every year Seneca and Whitfield have been at the top of my weight class as well as many other weight classes. Beating both of them was awesome because those teams are supposed to be the best and that proves that I truly was the best wrestler.

Cooper: My losses showed me what I needed to improve on. It’s pretty easy to bounce back if you don’t let the losses get to your head.

Colton: Losses teach me what I need to work on. They give me the motivation to work harder which makes it easy to bounce back because I know that next time I’m on the mat, I’ll be better than before.

Cooper: Chicken nuggets

Colton: Pizza

Cooper: Seann William Scott, nothing specific, I would just want to have a funny conversation with him.

Colton: Kevin Hart. I would ask him to tell me funny stories.

Cooper: Spending the whole day at the lake.

Colton: Waking up at 11 on a sunny Saturday morning and going to the lake.

Cooper: Nope

Colton: Nope



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