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It’s Brucey Time: An Interview with Cullen Bruner

If you’re from around these parts then I’d guess that you heard about the Bell Game last week. You probably heard Marceline won and that all nine of our points were scored on field goals made by Cullen Bruner A.K.A. — Brucey. The entire team had to perform in order to put him into position to make those kicks, but let's face it, not many class one football teams have a field goal kicker, let alone one that is any good. Having Cullen kicking field goals simply gives Marceline an advantage most teams do not have.

Why is Cullen successful as a kicker? Well, drive by Chester Ray Stadium at any given time that the field is free and the odds of you seeing him out there kicking field goals is pretty high. This type of “earn your way” attitude is what makes Cullen successful in life. He works for what he wants and knows what it’s like to have both triumph and despair in wins and losses. His ability to bounce back is one of the traits that I admire the most in him.

Beyond, the sports that he competes in, Cullen is an excellent, good-hearted kid that I’ve been lucky to watch grow up. He’s light-hearted and funny but isn’t afraid to get down to business when he needs to. To watch him grow into the leader that he is has been very rewarding for me, even if I’ve had little to do with that progression. I’m proud of him for knowing the importance of being kind and I truly believe he is going to succeed in life because he is a good person — above all.

I decided to interview Cullen for many obvious reasons: he works hard, smiles often, and people flock to him because he is kind. So, enjoy this interview with the guy who made a few field goals in a game last week …

Cullen Bruner (CB): I work hard every single day no matter what I’m doing. I treat every day like it’s my last.

CB: Mom and dad push me to be the best that I can be. Also, close friends and coaches.

CB: When I was a kid, my dad and I used to watch college and NFL football. I remember always paying really close attention to the kickers. I always thought kicking was the most important position on the field. Field position all depends on wear the kicker places it. Kickers can score your team points and possibly win you the game.

Practice makes perfect, the more reps the better. I make it muscle memory.

CB: Being a captain on the football team lets me know that all my hard work is starting to pay off. To be the best leader I can be, I try to lead by example. I think working hard and trying your best will get more people on board than if you just scream and yell.

CB: In all my years of playing football I have yet to have a practice harder than a wrestling practice. You have to be stronger mentally in wrestling because it all depends on you. In football, you have other people that you can depend on. In Wrestling, everything is on you.

I added this one selfishly because it shows a young Rupert and Cullen

CB: Trust in the endless hours of practice I have put in and focus on keeping my head down

  • Get all-state kicker in football
  • Place top three at state in wrestling
  • Place top 15 in state golf
  • Keep a 3.5 GPA

CB: Hot wings from Taul Paul’s in Bucklin

CB: Jennifer Aniston… I would ask if she would marry, please.

CB: A perfect day for me would be, waking up on a Saturday morning, suns out, everybody loads up and heads to the lake. We go tubing, skiing, and swimming. When we are done at the lake, we go back to the house and go golfing. After golfing, wings are done and my family and I munch on those. Ending my day, I would go on golf cart rides around the lake, make smores, and then go to sleep.



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