What I say “goodbye” to every morning and what I am so grateful for

Wake Up and Be Grateful

Zach Bruner
3 min readAug 23, 2018


My Early Morning Routine (bare with me here):

5:50–6:40 a.m. — My alarm goes off and I get up, go make coffee and my lunch for the day. I shower, change, and essentially just go through the same routine most of us lag through on a daily basis. (Who cares, right??)

The following two steps of my morning routine have helped me make positive changes to my daily life.

Approximately 6:40 a.m. — I go back into our bedroom and I kiss my daughter, son, and wife “goodbye” then always take one long look at the three of them sleeping peacefully and thank God for how lucky I am.

Approximately 6:40–6:55 a.m. — I spend this time every day, alone in my car, driving to work, reflecting on all the things that I’m grateful for. I pray that God protects my loved ones; looks after people who are deeply struggling in any way; I also give thanks for all of my blessings. This personal time for reflection/prayer has been a true “game changer” for me.

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I wasn’t always so happy to wake up early and have things to do…

I haven’t always been grateful in the mornings… I can remember many times where the last thing I wanted to do was wake up and go to class, practice, work, whatever it may be. I remember thinking that I would give anything just to be able to sleep in and not have any responsibilities for the day. I’m human, so I have those days from time-to-time still, but they are becoming rare.

I also remember living with people who were able to sleep in on particular days and how jealous I was of them in those moments. That may seem very normal, but it became somewhat toxic and I can recall a time period in college that I put way too much stock in getting an over abundance of sleep, which affected my grades, my motivation, and honestly everything.

Be grateful for waking up. Be grateful that you have people that care about you. Be grateful that you have people that you care about. Be grateful for having somewhere to go. Be grateful for having things to do.

When you hear that alarm in the morning, be thankful that you have been gifted another day on Earth. Look at what you have, instead of what you are lacking. If you wake up and go to school and/or a job that you may or may not like; wrap your head around the fact that many folks would give an awful lot to have what you do.

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Try to find a brief amount of time to reflect and/or pray in regards to what you’re grateful for. The fact of the matter is that you are in control of yourself and if you work hard to take steps to ensure that you are positive and grateful, your days will be much better.

In my opinion, a person that has and shows gratitude will always be more happy and successful than someone who constantly finds reasons to compare themselves to others. Having and showing gratitude will always make you a more likable person to be around.

Wake up and be grateful… sometimes it’s truly that simple.

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